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  1. Revamp on the vote shop?

    I agree with this to an extent, except instead of pking supplies it could provide skill supplies, rune bars ect. I do support the idea though.
  2. Brunos' Staff Video

    Please add a donation button to this thread, we should not be allowed to watch this much greatness for free. Bruno4Modx3
  3. Angelo bruno #1 planker

    Did you get it on vid? I would love to rewatch the fight. To see the 50 d bolt right before it lol, as I said, good fight man. Pm for hooks!
  4. Angelo bruno #1 planker

    Good fight buddy! Was a fun battle with you, it's to bad your math skills are incorrect, you hit a 50 d bolt and planked me, I do admit that. But the 2-0 is just untrue. But, I am very glad I could increase your bank value so much! If you are that in need of money, pm me mate, I can hook you! All around good fight and much much respect.
  5. Name Changes

    Something small I would love to see and have always wanted on dawntained was the ability to have capital letter names. Not sure on how difficult it would be to code in but I think it would be a really nice touch! Opinions?
  6. I have to disagree with the complete removal of customs from wildy, people who have them worked for them (just like anyone else can). BUT, I do completely agree with the whole broken thing. But, I would only agree to that IF they would've lost the custom if it were a real item. Example: I have custom ely and you smite me. But, if the custom item were to be a plus 1 anyways, I can't agree there. Great topic of discussion though since there are so many customs out there now!
  7. Who is your favorite Dawntained Player?

    In my opinion, Believe. I'm not saying this because of clan stuff or because he's staff. He's always been a genuine person towards me and has always been there when I needed help or advice. I've been on this server a long time, and seen lots of staff members/players come and go. But since day one he has been there (some small breaks) for the community and for his friends. He is one of the very few I've met on dawntained that I can call a friend, +1 for Believe. Ps: Great post idea! I love them! Keep em' coming.
  8. When I helped design supreme rank logo and was first person to get it.

    Show me the loot from my killpics then.. exactly.. I wasn't wearing anything either time you brainless rat. Killpic of you? Hard to get a killpic of a perm bolt ragger that spec tabs. Some leader 😂😂 Cba talking to you, IQ slowly dropping. Goodnight

    You used a killpic of when I asked you to shut down my streak when I was with your autistic leading ass, are you drunk? Only killpic you have in this entire post. :cringe:

    At what point did he get "worked".. im confused by this post. You did nothing but switch pointless amount of times without faking him out.. then almost planked twice.. then got a lucky AGS spec/tab... Where did he get worked in this video? If anything JAG, YOU got worked. Pretty sure he wasn't out when you were completely out. Nice clutch spec though. Ps: The only ones posting on this are new SS's trying to get there forum post count up.
  12. Why GAMBINOS is the best clan in Dawntained

    Please stop flaming us as a STAFF MEMBER. Please login to Dawntained and stop some spec tabbers or something. Nice staff team MGT.
  13. Demote Tony or some sort of talk with him

    Can agree, Tony jailed me for an hour for watching his "open multi cc"s clan event. Gave my no warnings, and just could've easily asked me to leave. He was an edge rusher who got staff and now is power hungry. +1
  14. Why GAMBINOS is the best clan in Dawntained

    #Gambinos "This Thing Of Ours"
  15. Clan Wars

    Would love to see the OSRS tournament arena for clan wars implemented into server.. would help a lot for clans trying to war ect. Just in my opinion would help a lot if the server made updates pointed towards the PK side of the server. It is a pk based server and only updates coming are for PVM.
  16. Great update, but would love to see some PK related updates.
  17. The Gambino Crime Family

  18. Placeholders in bank?

    Lot's of support behind this idea, but people have wanted it for months.
  19. A Day In The Life Of Gambino's

    But yet we've dropped you for 2m+..... interesting. You post kill pics with 30-100k loot but ours are 1m+... something is wrong there. You idiot's are dumb enough to fall for a multi lure daily.

    Your "man" rektrsps sucks off whoever has money/staff... Am I the only one that has noticed this? He defends a clan that post's kill pics of him... How much lower can your pride get?
  21. A Day In The Life Of Gambino's

    We come in singles, but you won't come to multi... Who's really scared here?...
  22. Love to see the competition! Keep it growing! Best of luck! -Gambinos
  23. Gambinos Reply to Verjins

    You don't enter wilderness without your "single cc".. we dropped two of you last night, and almost landed a full on one of the V17's.. splashed in max of course. Virji is slowly dying to a MULTI cc, how does that make you feel? Next time key is at lava dragons, please come up. Because as of lately, it's only been one or two that will make the trip. And most of the time, 1 of them get's dropped for max. -Gambinos
  24. D Claws buff & Gmaul nerf

    I agree with the dragon claws buff, but as far as the g maul nerf I have to disagree.. It's powerful in OSRS, which is what this server (and most others) are based off of. Why nerf it below what the actual g maul hits? It's deadly in pure on 07, and it's deadly as pure on here.
  25. A Day In The Life Of Gambino's

    No flame needed, your opinion is appreciated though. If you have an issue with us, start a cc and stop us... we would love the competition.
  26. Let's Start a Riot - #freeciroc

    Taking 190m out of eco isn't a big issue... Kind of help's out tbh.. I took 400m out of eco and it changed completely but in a good way.. Prices rise ect. Good luck on unban though!
  27. Just a small example of what being part of #Gambinos is like on a daily basis... #Gambinos
  28. Blood Key Guide

    It's just one clan.
  29. Blood Key Guide

    Awesome guide, will help new players as they join the server!
  30. [Eco] Ultimate Money Making Guide [Stats]

    Very detailed, but yet simple. Useful and couldn't be better written. Awesome guide! -Vert