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  1. Happy New Years 2019!

    Happy new years!!
  2. Hand cannon

    ballista buff would be nice or maybe korasi
  3. We need raids

    agree that would add a lot more pvm content
  4. Varrock PVP

    support this, hopefully it would be more active then edge one cause a lot of times its dead
  5. Goals

    Voting is definitely helpful with higher donator rank. keep grinding man
  6. Insane bulk !

    damn that's insane. im lucky to win two in a row
  7. PK Chronicles - Part I - Pures

    Good video man, I got lots of recording but never find time to edit, keep them coming
  8. Custom item....

    It happens in the next update which isn't just the customs being added so it all depends on when MGT is finished coding.
  9. ::autoskull

    I can see this being useful but for the most part not needed since it is easy to just skull up. Plus it could be easy to forget and you could lose a lot of unwanted items. Although its a good idea.
  10. Wrath of the gods (complete suggestion)

    I support this, always nice to have more events in wilderness and have it be more active. Although unless the boss is a lot harder to kill than the one is osrs which im sure it would be considering its multi and many players would go for it. The drops seem pretty op compared to any other bosses in game but I love the idea of this rather than just blood key drops.
  11. Sign up to join the Staff team!

    In-game name: Ma nibbla Country you live in: USA Which times of the day are you usually on? (Use your country's clock as reference): Pacific Standard Time (PST) I'm normally on anywhere through 9am to 12pm. Not necessarily straight but throughout that day in-between those hours. Days old (ingame ::old) screenshot: Gameplay time (Talk to hans in lumb) screenshot: How many hours can you put in per week?: Do have irl responsibilities and job but I can put in about 30 hours a week. Why do you think you should be promoted?: I think I should be promoted because I'm always willing to help other players out and go out of my way to give people what they want. I'm also willing to be assertive when necessary and not afraid to take on responsibility. I've been playing dawntained for awhile now and would like to do more to help out the community. I've always been helping players out in-game but have yet to do that on the forums and I will be more active on both from now on. Past experiences as staff?: I don't have any previous experience as staff although I know I would do a great job and couldn't think of a better server to start my experience with.
  12. Genocide Recruitment Thread

    still recruiting?
  13. Request Ultimate Rank

    Im not applying I am Ultimate donator ingame, ive used 6000 tokens my ingame name is Pontiff. I just cant seem to upload an image. It says error ask for assistance.
  14. Request Ultimate Rank

    title says all, also had questions about the custom pet you receive Ingame and if I get to choose what pet?