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  1. New show/movie pls

    if you're looking for shows then altered carbon,x files,the killing,homeland,boardwalk empire,snowfall
  2. is the client crashing fixed? cba playing the server if im still going to crash at any time while being in max in wild
  3. Make pvp items have a small chance to come from pvp

    pay2win server deal with it, not even surprised he put pvp armour in new boxes and made the only way of getting them lmao
  4. again with the new boxes for pvp armour lmfao, make the shit dropped by monsters
  5. A better server for PKers

    this server is just cringe in the aspect for pkers
  6. Recent downtime

    did you fix dragon throwing axes special attack btw contract killer?
  7. New Update

    i know thats what he meant doubt anything like this will get added lmao
  8. New Update

    why would a spec bar which wouldn't work need to be added to a weapon which doesn't have a spec bar lol
  9. Donator Zone - Community Designed

    with the dzones you also need to know the fact that it doesn't have to have too much of everything because at the end of it having too much npc's that drop high value items, high reward skilling etc.. would just make wild even more dead as it is now. i think a bigger area for the start is a must, and considering an area i think the island of neitiznot would be maybe even perfect, its pretty big, finally work out on ideas what we would like to see in there. also theres 2 dungeon entrances where 1 of the dungeon could be only entered by donators from red to green and the other one from legendary to above or something like that
  10. raids

    support even though i probably wouldn't do them but seeing how pretty new servers and alot of other servers having it already it would probably boost the playercount even more + more content which is needed since the game is dead
  11. sell tbows/buy ancestral

    sell 2x tbows 630k ea ancestral sel 850k pm me ingame
  12. nice to see more and more updates, sadly i dont see a bug fix for d throwing axes i hope it gets fixed soon and also food not registering when u actually click on it 1 tick or 2 tick's away from getting hit because the damage that you will get hit will actually kill you so the food doesnt register
  13. selling green phat

    pm me offers
  14. Some Suggestions

    1. it already has the effect to drop protection prayer 2. theres a dumby at dzone for that, dont really know why is this neccesary since you can hit anything on here lmfao 5. stupid idea, this is not customscape 6. support but i think only tentacle whip should have this ability 7. no lol 8. this should be toogle-able instead
  15. Pizzaboys VS Gambinos Standards ft. Audio

    who cares about the spy you rat hole, the spy has the same IQ level as you either way. going to dissapoint you and let you know that im not emo lmao, you're probably the type of guy who call police to swat streamers who have no life and want to look cool over internet, good job slave. legit delusional thinking we had 17 when there was more white dots in mage bank, if we had these kind of numbers the slave rag bolters wouldn't have done shit but instead they kept bolting us all so we couldn't touch you lol.
  16. Pizzaboys VS Gambinos Standards ft. Audio

    ofc i killed you, thats where the kp came from cause you're shit lmao stop showing your -50 IQ irl on a rsps you clueless virgin i was asking for help for getting fulled, where did you see me cry you muslim twat lmfao, i tanked that full tb on you retards cause apperantly i have a higher IQ then you ever have and made you dizzy. we didn't have 17 people there are you dumb, clueless idiot legit
  17. Pizzaboys VS Gambinos Standards ft. Audio

    kinda cute how you needed extra 6 members or so bolt ragging us, cya cya dumb dog
  18. Pizzaboys VS Gambinos Standards ft. Audio

    when blacknan slaves came in to mage bank to rag range us so elvy members wouldn't plank LOL, slavery at its finest
  19. Gambinos Anti-lure elvy

    humiliating lmfao
  20. List o Ideas

    some good suggestions
  21. nice copyright error lmao
  22. Wilderness Suggestions 101.

    some of them are good suggestions which would actually make certain areas in wild active to pk/pvm
  23. boy did you get a heart attack on half? probably screamed your lungs so your mate could come and box you on half
  24. By the order of Gambinos

    always missing the action -.-
  25. mods in a nutshell

    alright so lets start this funny story, so apperantly if you are in any clan and get flamed over yell you CANT YELL ANYTHING withouth a flame or clan mentioning because you will get yell muted withouth a warning. i know these mods want to act like police IRL and most of the time they will just abuse their powers for just no reason. now according to rival the 15 yr old who yell muted me withouth a warning, even tho these 2 yell's i send didn't have anything to do with clan or flame since i was talking to the guy that was flame baiting lmfao. also he said i was yell muted because of my last yell, so apperantly calling someone out to 44's over yell is now going to get you yell muted this is my favourite, so he says he doesn't take any reports from me seriously (he only says that cause i was reporting a staff member) https://prnt.sc/iqjixz but he takes my reports seriously when i report a normal player ????? lmao
  26. i paid?

    probably need to make an appeal or contact staff in discord