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  1. clue scroll item sale

  2. sell scythe from halloween

  3. clue scroll item sale

    which ones
  4. clue scroll item sale

    everything still for sale
  5. clue scroll item sale

    got these
  6. sell scythe from halloween

    price 500k
  7. big pk sale

    i sure do, depends hm u offer for them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. big pk sale

    since u dropped a comment why dont u cop something u dirty moderator
  9. big pk sale

    everything for sale
  10. clue scroll item sale

  11. Pvp Weapons

    imo pvp weapons/armour should be dropped by revs, there should be a PVP mystery box and when opened u would have a 100% to get a random weapon/armour piece of the box instead of the current newest box where the chances of getting any piece is like 1/300 or a new boss or something that would have a drop rate of all the pvp armour/weapons
  12. sold

  13. clue scroll rewards sale


    nice 2 ways
  15. New show/movie pls

    if you're looking for shows then altered carbon,x files,the killing,homeland,boardwalk empire,snowfall
  16. is the client crashing fixed? cba playing the server if im still going to crash at any time while being in max in wild
  17. Make pvp items have a small chance to come from pvp

    pay2win server deal with it, not even surprised he put pvp armour in new boxes and made the only way of getting them lmao
  18. again with the new boxes for pvp armour lmfao, make the shit dropped by monsters
  19. A better server for PKers

    this server is just cringe in the aspect for pkers
  20. Recent downtime

    did you fix dragon throwing axes special attack btw contract killer?
  21. New Update

    i know thats what he meant doubt anything like this will get added lmao
  22. New Update

    why would a spec bar which wouldn't work need to be added to a weapon which doesn't have a spec bar lol
  23. raids

    support even though i probably wouldn't do them but seeing how pretty new servers and alot of other servers having it already it would probably boost the playercount even more + more content which is needed since the game is dead
  24. sell tbows/buy ancestral

    sell 2x tbows 630k ea ancestral sel 850k pm me ingame
  25. nice to see more and more updates, sadly i dont see a bug fix for d throwing axes i hope it gets fixed soon and also food not registering when u actually click on it 1 tick or 2 tick's away from getting hit because the damage that you will get hit will actually kill you so the food doesnt register
  26. selling green phat

    pm me offers
  27. Some Suggestions

    1. it already has the effect to drop protection prayer 2. theres a dumby at dzone for that, dont really know why is this neccesary since you can hit anything on here lmfao 5. stupid idea, this is not customscape 6. support but i think only tentacle whip should have this ability 7. no lol 8. this should be toogle-able instead