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  1. fake drop party advertisiments

    Question is: Do you have any Evidence like video?
  2. Fast and Efficient 99 Fletching Guide

    This is crafting bud.
  3. Welcome to guide This guide isn't professional, but fast and takes 50 min - 1 hour to 99 fletching: 1. Get 61 lvl To start fletching, teleport to Entrana Buy Axe for regular and oak logs, and knife Once you achieve 35 fletching, you can use the logs from shop for free 2. Get about 9000 of Adamant bolts (unf) and 10m of Requirement: 1500 Adamant bars (70 smithing) Location to get: Players / +13 bm each or Dwarven Mine Area Use feathers on Addy bolts (unf) and Make ALL. Now you can get shower, go to mcdonalds, meet the girlfriend, and when you get back u get about +/- 16m of xp.
  4. Economy Add new prices to items "CREATED" by players in smithing skill and ability to sell them inside a general store. I found that many ppl sells their rune bars for each. Why don't make this real price since its a hard way to get 1. It can be nerfed to 500+. My suggestion is to add ability to sell these items fully created by players using their skills: ~ Rune Equipment /w bolts ~ Green d'hide Equipment ~ Red d'hide Equipment ~ Black d'hide Equipment ~ Ability to sell "bolt tips" cutted before from gems Fixes Wildy resource area (skills): ~ Furnance is glitched (bad anim) ~ If you have all combat skills 1 (3 cmb lvl) and enabled in settings "accept aid" with 1 HP inside wilderness, you can't be killed by monsters such as: - Hill Giant - Poison Spider - Scorpion Once you got 3 cmb with 1 attack, you can't wear dragon axe /w dragon pickaxe because 60 lvl requirement. If you combine smoldering stone on these items, the requirements gonna away. To all guide makers: Please change your guides about vote ticket rate, once you successfully vote you gain up to 20 vote tickets, instead 25. Mining shop is no longer available at Dwarven Mining Area. Sometimes you can idk how split Blood Money into two slots at bank. Rogue set don't gives "ability to obtain double items during thieving - i tested it for a hour and still like without them" Improvements Add higher % of "Anti Bot" solutions, make the rate higher Impossible but would work well, once you active your donator status for first time, and if you got at least 3 combat, when you go to wilderness skill area you got an 3 hours PK protection with timer (Activated only when purchasing ability to enter for two times only). Change the music tab with buttons for fast help like: ~ Support ticket ~ Vote ~ Store ~ Reload Client (if glitch) Once you are inside "Prayer changer" next to "bob" is ladder that provides you to area with a purple (dont working) portal. I think its good way to make this room better, like delete few objects and add bars. - It can be very nice area for a Jail players to make shame of them. And you can visit them, pay min 50.000 BM to get 1/5 chance to get them out. Add yell alert: "If you want free pet, just talk to Guide located inside shop area" My ing name: Sir Theodore
  5. [fix?]

    np bud
  6. [fix?]

    I suggest to edit all guides and change the information about vote. Now skill lamp is 25 vp, than 20.
  7. some of my old designs

    thanks m8.
  8. some of my old designs

    yy, how about gfx, no rates?
  9. some of my old designs

    Naw, Dami, damianeuu aka. https://www.rune-server.ee/members/monastyr/
  10. some of my old designs

    Haha im still active on r-s.
  11. some of my old designs

    (don't worry dont exist) And some Video trailer with own produced song and effects: