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  1. Opening Legendary box and omega Doubling Loot

    Great vid, we've also had a nice conversation wish you good luck in the future! Approved.
  2. Something needs to be done about Tyr

    Perm muted him dw
  3. Verji Hits Gambino With The Swift 2-0

    Inb4 they say he dced and that a mod is ddosing 😂 Where are the excuses at
  4. Verji Hits Gambinos & Elvy

    Dc? Why did he change prayers if he dced https://gyazo.com/07af7e0bf6fc073aaeeb890fb3713804
  5. Verji Hits Elvy at Revs 1-0'd

    I reported it in the bug section and refunded him his max set with some extra probably. Great how u can make up something as staff being able to teleblock for 4 hours
  6. Lmfao you ramboed me into a coma ngl good vid katee

    Not worth my time keep taking screens out of context we're still up in kills
  8. Why GAMBINOS is the best clan in Dawntained

    You didnt close verji stop acting like you did, most of us quit the server because singles was dead you saw your opportunity cuz we left and got all the scraps we left behind. Like 90% of us is banned for rwt and other shit stop acting like gambinos "closed" a singles clan we're still up on you rejects. don't forget how hard you had to avoid singles when we were out pking
  9. Demote Tony or some sort of talk with him

    He wasnt just spec tabbing tony dealt wirh it like any other mod would. He clearly was ragging me tony watched him for about 10 minutes and all that guy did was bolt veng ags me while im in nh. Thats clarified as ragging not spec n tabbing
  10. Gambinos Reply to Verjins

    This is the state of ur clan @DonJohnGottigyazo.com/79f42c8bf0b18d31e075fa51269706f1
  11. Gambinos Reply to Verjins

    Imagine bragging about closing chips open multi cc like its a big thing, none of you can 1v1 thats why u camp ::chaos most of you pk like rots multi bots o wait HAHA ur all rot multibots😂😂 we got like 40+ kills on you guys most of them welf cuz when we pk ur whole clan is gear capped and avoiding, also when you make a thread about verji make sure to include verji pics not 80% randoms we dont even know existed Edit : you're so delusional you start putting edge kill pics on here l0000000000000l
  12. Staff team feedback - READ

    Server supports dont need powers if thats the reason you resigned im glad you did. Server supports are there to answer questions and/or help newer players. Its not a server supports job to deal with things a mod should do and indeed the server does lack mods in its current state
  13. Verji's demolished on their 2nd day out

    is that why i'm back at being a mod again? cuz i got "demoted" and i dont help people? As i stated many times stop spreading false rumours or you'll get punished like any other player.
  14. Great updates as usual. Quest content seems to be pogchamp content. i also like the fact you're willing to add different styles of tournaments to keep them fun for everyone! Keep it up and lets all do our best to keep Dawntained on the top where it belongs!
  15. Verji's demolished on their 2nd day out

    Imagine having more people and still have elys with you l0l0l0l0l0l the one time you didnt have an ely is when you got smoked for a 251 ks didnt you? Go fake dcs more r0flr0flr0flr0fl
  16. 2 ez

  17. Can't compete ddos us

    is that why you instantly tped away after dieing cuz you dced? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  18. the end of elvys leader

    imagine talking shit for 1 hour str8 at pvp, first fight against purple the bankstander on the last picture got 10 hped and he started shaking unequiping his glory at 30 hp almost dieing to a bolt. asks some1 else to fight for him and ends up getting smoked l00000000000000000l
  19. +1 pking is fine as it is imo no need for pid and also as you stated earlier if something like pid would get added it would be handy in duel arena but idk if it's possible to code it like that
  20. abit late on reading these updates but they look very promising! Good job both MGT and Owain!
  21. Content Poll #1

  22. Killing it with the updates as usual!
  23. killstreak

    +1 maybe start from 10-25-50-75-100-125 etc etc ps : Killing someone that has a killstreak should be rewarded with extra artefacts perhaps?
  24. Price Guide

    Thanks for updating the price guide Epara!
  25. Great updates looking forward to the quest!
  26. New pk Vid

    add this to your vid next time LUL
  27. Staff Feedback

    Mgt Madness - New phone, who dis? Probably the best owner you'll ever see running a RSPS. Stop roasting my haircut. Platform - We all know Platform does his job correctly. That's why i vouch for him to get demoted. #Plat needs his plank spawn. LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN! Vippy - Great person, always in for a laugh. Seen him help players in the Dawntained cc. Can't prenounce ely correctly. Told me he would suck my nan once LUL. Connor - I have nothing to say about this exposer beside the fact that he is an absolute savage. Wizzop - fam been going hard past few weeks grinding in and out, doesn't deserve all the hate he gets. Great personality and very friendly. Also has been a great support to the server. 4-FMP - I've know him for quite some time now ( pure pking ), he has been a great support to alot of players also a genuine trust worthy person. Shattered - pretty nice person to talk to, talked to him on discord a few times. Always tries to understand the situation before handleing. Loves afking at ::dice sometimes. Believe -N/A
  28. helper exposed

    photoshopped obviously