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  1. Loot from 470 cerb

    well how much is it in total then?
  2. What's up lads?

    Welcome and join the discord too :D.
  3. Richest in game?

    I believe Shattered still has the biggest bank.
  4. How to lose your bank on dawntained.

    Bad luck and dont find staff members they have boosted rng.
  5. 12th of Jan, 8.5m giveaway!

    hey cool stuff!
  6. [How to log out {Advanced}]

    Hello it's me Frogger12345 and it's indeed my pleasure to make another guide for the great server of Dawntained today. Today's guide will explain to you how to log out from Dawntained. I do hope this helped many people out a lot!
  7. pvming on dt

    Raids to dawntained!
  8. Think you're ready?

    Application In-game name: Frogger12345 Timezone: GMT+2 (Finland) Days old: How many hours can you put per day: 5-12 hours including on discord. Why do you think you should be promoted: Been helping people for a while now on discord and in-game and I have gained a fair bit of notoriety in the community for better or worse. I have vast knowledge of the game and I haven't committed any major offences during my dawntained journey & I have remained mature and level headed for the most time (if not entire time). I also know how to have fun with the community (I have given away over 5m worth of blood money in different forms of giveaways) & I don't enjoy punishing people for trivial reasons. Past experiences as staff: I have none.
  9. First days on Pking on dawntained

    very inspiring 10/10
  10. [Firemaking guide for advanced skillers]

    Hello, This is my advanced guide for the firemaking skill for the great server of dawntained. My name is Frogger12345 and I am happy that you are reading this guide!! I know that firemaking can sometimes be a complicated skill but you are in luck because I am here to explain to you how to exactly train the firemaking skill in the best possible way!! Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: When firemaking you also have a chance to receive the highly coveted phoenix pet: Best of luck to everyone training their firemaking skills!

    thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway!