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    Development blog Release date: February 14th About: Images of what each developer is working on will be posted by them on this thread. All images are incomplete updates and are subject to change and delayed to another date depending on the circumstances. Bug fixes About: A list of fixes implemented into the live game after the last monthly update will be posted under here. 26-12-2018: Client crash due to hovering mouse over players who just died 28-12-2018: Gambler crash fix Bank pin not appearing when doing ::bank Christmas quest fix where you could not give more than 50 snowballs to the npc to progress through quest. Dz fire spot now works. 29-12-2019: Gambler landing on wrong item visual fix Moderator ::ragban command fix Removed players from the leaked new donator zone and stopped donator dungeon exit from leading to new donator zone. 01-01-2019: Custom statius's warhammer fixed. Fix for clan wars respawning in Pvp zone. 06-01-2019: Christmas theme and related updates removed. ::dice now auto joins dice cc. Bob at ::edgepvp relocated. Auto buy back untradeables exploit fixed. All players who abused it have been ip-banned. Unwearable clown items fixed. Mouse scrolling on clan settings interface fixed. Camel custom pet drop option added. Spamming log-in would cause a black screen. 16-01-2019: ::recoverpassword now works along with ::recoverpass Fixed wilderness resource exploit Buy back custom item price reduced to 5% 24-01-2019: Special attack teleport timer corrected. 09-02-2019: Fix for players with negative blowpipe darts, use the 'check' option on right click option of the weapon to fix it. 12-02-2019: Dragonfire shield special attack bug where multiple players can attack the same player in singles. Price checker bank pin abuse fix. Karil's set with amulet of the damned now shows the correct xp drop with the effect triggers. Deleting bank pin will no longer close the bank interface.
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