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  2. An idea similar to Last Man Standing: It doesn't necessarily have to be in the wilderness. You could have it in the tournament area or in random cities around the game. Players who entered the game would all spawn on the same tile, frozen in place until the event starts. There would be gear scattered all over the area. On the ground, in drawers/chests, and have small supply drops on the outskirts of the map/area. Players would have to choose to either spend time gathering gear or to pick up the first weapon they find and start killing people. The last person (or team) standing wins the game. One possible idea would be to have 'hot areas' where the loot is significantly better than other areas. The area could be marked in-game or on the mini-map so players can locate it while they are frozen at the start of the game. Also, I personally feel that if this idea was implemented, all freezing/stunning spells should not be activated as freezing someone in place for 20 seconds is an insanely unfair disadvantage for them. This sounds incredibly fun to me and would love to see how/if it is implemented.
  3. I don't mean to be rude... but doesn't it seem a little redundant when we already have a "Dawntained" clan chat used for help? You're always welcome to join us over there and help. That's the channel used for newer players. You'll be forcing the channel to split up into two and denying help to other players when you could just join the actual help cc if you want to help new players.
  4. clue scroll item sale

    everything still for sale
  5. making this cc so I can help players through chat! with what ever they need/pricecheck/guide/vote/donations!/ u name it what ever you need if I can help u I will ! positive vibes only on cc will be open for anyone/new players /old players that just got bac how ever u need help pm me @l e a n or join cc l e a n ! for daily help thanks guys for taking your time much love ~#westy
  6. Pm Me in Game For help/guides/questions/pricecheck

    mex no prob bro I appreciate the support! Ill always be around to help weather if its with any little thing! much love~#westy thx much love to all you guys! anytime brother u need anything u can hit me up in game much love to everyone that's been kind to me since I started is what makes this rsps great! 2019 baby one of the biggest out there! anytime ! im glad 2 do what I do!
  7. Hey there

    welcome back dude, see you around hopefully
  8. Pm Me in Game For help/guides/questions/pricecheck

    good work
  9. Graphics Shop

    guys a beast, made my signature
  10. Yesterday
  11. Graphics Shop

  12. Pm Me in Game For help/guides/questions/pricecheck

    good application i like how quick u reply to my questions makes my day alot easier thx for ur service
  13. Pm Me in Game For help/guides/questions/pricecheck

  14. Pm Me in Game For help/guides/questions/pricecheck

    ty for doing my job xx
  15. fix this shit

    yikeees, @Jason
  16. Hey there

    welcome back brother
  17. Bug fixes, tweaks & upcoming updates 17-05-2019

    Waiting for hunter being added to vote shop! Praying... been multiple months now
  18. Hey there

    welcome back sir.
  19. Suggest to us ideas similair to Blood key & Skotizo

    Bump we need more ideas!
  20. fix this shit

    sheeeesh ! whats going on !
  21. somethang for yall

    thanks brother really appreciate it man! salute ~love #westy
  22. fix this shit

    can devs fix this, happens a lot https://gyazo.com/995b146de5e3fdfbae02c9f8f375f726
  23. phats sale

    Sheeeesh nice Brodie!
  24. Bug fixes, tweaks & upcoming updates 17-05-2019

    2019 we got this baby we gonna be the biggest server out there! ::vote Daily guys remember Love~#Westy
  25. phats sale

    ok meet market
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