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  2. Nice build up I like it even tho there wasn't action WE GOT TO SEE GHOST WEOW Now that FORGESEX didn't expect that. Dany getting scared that Jon is the Heir and think he takes the throne I CANT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEKS EPISODE I would give it 9/10
  3. Yesterday
  4. Stop Lottery Sniping

    I won like 5m with me only buying 40k worth of tickets.
  5. Current staff members

    Best of luck brother!
  6. Supreme rank

    congrats man, rank given
  7. I am married and got a daughter

    Oh god, your a joke "singles/multi" you got me 1x in multi with around 11 people LOOOOOOOOOL singles i've never died too any of you bots, never will pm king proxeh alpacacacacacaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa when u finally no puss puss for 1v1
  8. Supreme rank

    In game name: Headhunter69 Screenshot proof of your Donator rank in-game: https://gyazo.com/ef20951e6a271be744e9c5aa74d980bb
  9. Current staff members

    Congratulations @Brittney. Fare well @1 pk in 22 hopefully we see you back soon buddy <3
  10. Current staff members

    Thanks fam
  11. Current staff members

    Hope everything gets better brother
  12. Reason server wont grow

    I think the PK events should be more common. The ones where you get bonus loot for pking in certain brackets. It brings activity to different areas of the wild and it's just generally really fun. Also, removing some of the items from the BM shop would help. T bow, elder maul, AGS, and a bunch more should be removed. The BM shop should have decent gear, but no BiS gear. BiS gear should come through PVM or maybe rare PVP drops during events.
  13. Current staff members

    Issues going on rn, Would just like to thank the staff team and the community, Been a great adventure! Will be joining back very soon
  14. Current staff members

    Hi all, I have updated this thread in order to reflect @1 pk in 22's departure with the Dawntained Staff Team, and thank him for his lengthy service to the community.
  15. Wheres the staff?

    dealt with.
  16. Wheres the staff?

    Can confirm, dude is just fucking spamming everyone saying they're a n*gger. Me along with another user were trying to calm him down, and have a laugh, but he just straight out wishes death on all of us, and continues to be racist to its full extent.
  17. Wheres the staff?

    There is no staff online around this time, and here i am pking and i have to deal with this.
  18. Corp pet

    Fk you
  19. Stop Lottery Sniping

    I’ve seen people chuck their entire bank and lose to someone with a 0.7 chance lol, it’s all on luck.
  20. Stop Lottery Sniping

    I dont see the point, if people choose to spend 1m on lottery, thats their choice. Thus said, if it comes down to updating the lottery system, suggestion 1 is useless, but suggestion 2 could be an option.
  21. Donator Rank

    Forum rank provided @mex - cheers.
  22. gachdrac youtube rank

    Nice video mate, keep it up. Rank provided.
  23. Last week
  24. gachdrac youtube rank

    In game name: gachdrac Link for your latest youtube video (must be uploaded within the last 3 days): Is the link of Dawntained in the desciption left clickable https://dawntained.com ? yes Is Dawntained in the title of the video? yes Does your Youtube video meet all the requirements listed on here https://www.dawntained.com/forum/topic/551-youtube-rank-requirements/ ? yes
  25. Donator Rank

    ingame name: mex proof: https://gyazo.com/787dba3b979bf9927ae65226dc3f543a
  26. Stop Lottery Sniping

  27. Stop Lottery Sniping

    Lottery is Lottery, is made to be fun and have crazy odds I don't see the point in this it all comes down to luck
  28. Corp pet

    Nice staff rng
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