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Player Support


  1. Donation Reward Not Received

    If you did not receive your in-game reward within 24 hours, make a thread here.

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  2. Submit an Appeal

    Learn how to remove a punishment on your account.

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  3. Submit a Problem

    Here you may submit all kinds of issues you are facing. DO NOT report bugs/connection issues here, there is a different section for it.

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  4. Submit a Bug/Client issue

    Here you may report all kinds of bugs and client issues.

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  5. Submit a Report

    Report a player for breaking the rules.

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  6. Submit a Request

    Request your: Donator rank for the forums, Youtube rank for in-game or Custom item for Immortal Donators+

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  7. Custom Donations

    Post here to donate via Cryptocurrencies or Amazon gift card.

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