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Submit a Problem

Here you may submit all kinds of issues you are facing. DO NOT report bugs/connection issues here, there is a different section for it.

Donation issue:
Please check https://www.dawntained.com/forum/topic/2008-dawntained


Cannot load up the Dawntained Client:
Please try all the clients here https://www.dawntained.com/play/ and read the troubleshooting guide https://www.dawntained.com/forum/topic/189-troubleshooting-dawntained-client/
If you still have Client issues, post a report here for further help https://www.dawntained.com/forum/forum/51-submit-a-bugclient-issue/

Removing a punishment on your account:
If you have been muted, gamble banned, account banned, ip banned, yellmuted, jailed or wild banned, please visit this link https://www.dawntained.com/forum/forum/39-submit-an-appeal/


Recovering pass/Bank pin solutions:

  • Log onto Dawntained, on a different account and type in ::recoverpass namehere
    It will print out the name of the account in the chatbox along with the bank pin.
  • If it does not work, fill out the application below ONLY if you are the original owner of the account:
    Are you the original owner:
    Locked account name:
    What does it say on the client when you try to log in:
    Working account name(one that you can log into), this is required:
    Previous passwords(do your best to guess):
    Which country did you create the account in:
    Which operating system did you create the account with(Windows 7 for example):
    Which PC or Laptop model did you create the account with(Dell Inspiron N5110 for example):
    Have you tried typing in-game ::recoverpass lockedAccountNameHere? replace lockedAccountNameHere with the account name you want to recover:
    If you have made a payment to Dawntained, provide a payment email receipt from Bmt Micro/Paypal, or if it was Osrs gp, tell us the exact amounts in millions and when it occured:



I was hacked and i currently have access to my account:

You got hacked because the password you used is the same on another Rs related community, such as another Rsps. Hundreds of other Rs related communities have been hacked.
Type in ::changepassword in-game and change your password to a password you never used before.
Your wealth lost by the hacker cannot be recovered.


To create a Submit an Problem thread:
Please register a forum account and create a thread here using the correct format https://www.dawntained.com/forum/forum/30-submit-a-problem-threads/
It will take up to 24 hours to get a reply on your thread.


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