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Submit an Appeal

Learn how to remove a punishment on your account.

If you are banned, there is a couple of possible reasons for it:

  1. You commited a real world trading offence. Acts like these hurt the game and will lead to its eventual downfall and shutdown. Imagine if everyone rwted instead of making payments to the game, how are the bills and development costs going to be paid?
  2. You hacked another player by changing their password or you logged into another player's account and stole their wealth. 
  3. You doxed or scammed multiple times.
  4. You chargedback/reversed a payment you made to Dawntained.

How to get unbanned?
Give 15m Osrs gp to any Moderator on Discord https://discord.gg/3uVTg4W 
Buy the Osrs gp from here https://www.dawntained.com/osrs/
Once you have paid, the Moderator will unban you and you can play Dawntained again. But please do not break anymore rules!

Please remember that all bans are final and have been investigated properly.
Creating an appeal against a ban is not allowed and your thread will be locked.

If you are Ip-muted/Gambling banned:

If you are Ip-muted or gambling banned for more than 3 weeks, you have an option to pay 10m Osrs to any Moderator on discord to have the punishment lifted. https://discord.gg/3uVTg4W

Log-in screen says "You are not allowed to log on other people's accounts":

The game automatically flagged you as a potential hacker. Which means you cannot log into other people's accounts and you may only log into your account. 
If you are the original owner of the account, use the format below:

Locked account name:
Working account name(one that you can log into):
Which country did you create the locked account on:
If you have made a payment to Dawntained, provide an email receipt from Paypal or Bmt Micro(it will help in identifying you):


Other information:

  • If you have been hacked and your account was punished due to the hacker committing a crime on your account, it cannot be removed for free, we do not have the logs to prove that you were hacked.


Create a thread

To create a Submit an Appeal topic, please register a forum account and create a topic here using the correct format https://www.dawntained.com/forum/forum/24-submit-an-appeal-topics/
DO NOT create an appeal if your account is banned, all bans are final and have been carried out with great investigation.

Punished account name:
Punishment type and length left:
Please write your apology and ensure us that you will not break a server rule in the future:

Any additional comments/questions:
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