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  2. Sorry for uploading so many times and posting so many times on the forums, i am just motivated for some reason to upload videos for Dawntained. Anyways Thanks for the lately support, Really made me happy and also thanks to the people who lended me (dclaws,dh sets) To pk with. <3
  3. Selling Arcane Spirit Shield

    ... in 10 years! Muhahahaha
  4. Bustdown Are Back & Recruiting

    Best of luck with your clan recruitment, would be good to see more clan on clan action.
  5. Selling Arcane Spirit Shield

    "Best offer wins" - his is currently the best offer.
  6. Selling Spectral Spirit Shield

    Best offer wins.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Selling Arcane Spirit Shield

    Refer to the price guide.
  9. Selling Arcane Spirit Shield

    100k blood money a Raw Shark and a DH Set + Your in my next video.
  10. Selling Arcane Spirit Shield

    Best offer wins.

    So what happend he lost dclaws, And he is muted so he has to type here.

  13. I be back with troll vids soon. So stay tuned thanks for watching, And thanks for all the lately support <3

  15. Bustdown Are Back & Recruiting

    Are you a clown? I think so. Bustdown closed Impact and made Gambinos stick to multi. Cartel hasn't even been a thing on this game.
  16. looking good. awesome vid !
  17. Dawntained Revival

    Well good luck and i hope the golden times will return.
  18. Bustdown Are Back & Recruiting

    U new or what? Cause all the other single clans left the server cause there was no conpetiion.Impact and gambinos were dominating this server then came cartel and daybreak.
  19. Expand Hunter Area

    While hunting, I noticed I was unable to set a trap in the hunter area and the message "You need to be in a hunting area to lay a trap" appeared. This wouldn't be an issue if the chins weren't in the non-hunter area but they are so I am unable to hunt some of them due to the imaginary hunter area boundary. Please expand it or at least move the chins back into the hunter area and prevent them from wandering outside of it.
  20. Jules

    If anyone wants to keep in contact with me aka Jules my discord is " Jules#4247" Currently on Vigoruous =)
  21. Great video man, the no arm surprise gmaul spec was awesome
  22. Last week
  23. Dawntained Revival

    I have a suggestion or two Improve design The current website design is RSPS related however is visually unappealing and needs to be more professional. If you were to improve visuals you're more likely to attract more players. I've come to the conclusion a lot of servers who have high player counts have invested heavily in their advertisement visuals, website and so on. Within any organisation you'll find media is very relevant to attracting newer players. Custom maps I feel nowadays with the release of map editors, you should be looking more at differentiating your server from the rest. I do suggest modifying the landscape to make it more different and maybe incorporate new things within those maps. Analytic Tools I feel maybe a better way of analysis for players actions and how they view or interact within game will help understand the market and be useful for further deployment of updates and services Higher Revisions In order to dominate a market it's important to offer players more options, one thing no server has managed to do is offer multiple revisions consistently. If you were to work on a 630 or 550 revision server and implemented similar features from dawntained you're more likely to attract more players and it will create balance between servers, as some players would be likely to try OS version also. I do have more ideas and suggestions, so feel free to send me a message.
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