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    Regardless of his smelly nan and freak outs at me because I'm just the best, bank should be promoted.
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  5. pk video its ok

    short but nice, good switches
  6. pk video its ok

    Awesome vid. I like dam switches!
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    In-game name: Bank Much Country you live in: The Netherlands Which times of the day are you usually on? (Use your country's clock as reference): Most of the time im online in the evening and almost every night. Days old (ingame ::old) screenshot: Gameplay time (Talk to hans in lumb) screenshot: How many hours can you put in per week?: I can put atleast 30-40 hours a week into the game. Why do you think you should be promoted?: I'm helpfull and tryna be nice to everyone. I've recently seen not many staffmembers online. Im trying to help as many as i can, but sometimes u need abilitys to help them out. I love to help newcomers into the game, when i was new i got helped aswell so i wanna return the favor. Past experiences as staff?: I've been Admin on Furiouspk and mod on Moparscape.
  8. pk video its ok

    Nice vid & streak lul!
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  10. :fred:

    1. Frederik


      You miss me ya cheeky cunt 

  11. Current staff members

    Hey guys, I have updated the staff list to reflect on me stepping down as Moderator of Dawntained. Thanks for everything guys. Have a good one.
  12. Does anyone collect cards?

    Does anyone here collect any type or cards? I myself collect all sports cards along with some Pokemon. As you can tell by my name (if you collect) I like to get my cards graded.
  13. Current staff members

    Hi all, I have updated the staff list to reflect on my resignation from my position as Moderator of Dawntained - thank you to everyone along the way.
  14. Current staff members

    Hey everyone, I've updated the staff list because of my resignation.
  15. good idea will suggest on next meeting
  16. good idea but dont understand why they have to be untradable
  17. Please, please, please put some time/effort into advertising and vote reward initiatives. Let's bring the players to Dawntained for their summer break. IDEA: Free mystery box if you get a 7 day vote streak. Free super mystery box for 14 day vote streak. Free legendary box for 21 day vote streak. Free mega box for 28 day vote streak. All boxes obtained through voting will be untradeable versions. You can't sell it, you have to open it. You can sell the items though. Just go ahead and give me admin now. IGN: Aims
  18. Well this was this weeks update if u can read the title and he said last week that this week we're getting 5-10 big content. Also don't understand how it's 5-10 like don't u know how many "big content" u made or what?
  19. Where's the 5-10 big content u promised us? https://gyazo.com/24e0026fd6765b4737c13e27e1728a89
  20. Woah, really nice updates & hyped for the coming ones! Keeep it up guys!
  21. We are getting very close to releasing all the pent up massive updates that we have been working on for the last 30 days. It's going to be a big one boys. Ranged hitsplat delay is now more accurate to Osrs, i went on Osrs to gather data, taking pid into account. Knife & dart is now quicker Heavy ballista quicker. Magic shortbow special attack visuals. Ranged projectile speed is now mostly perfect to Osrs. Edgeville wilderness and City pvp protection have been fixed and made more accurate. This protects players from unwanted fights, however, they can start these unwanted fights if they want to and they will be warned. Such as: Player with tb vs player without tb Player with 20 defence vs 1 defence. Player with magic vs player without ranged & magic. Elysian spirit shield message spam while pvming. Vengeance overkill. Royal seed pod lure. Blood key announcing outside wilderness when using doubler. Blood key dissapearing too fast. Jonny Owain Owain & MGT New website It will be built from scratch. The art below is hand drawn for Dawntained by 3rd party artists. Yes, we have our very own original Dawntained art to use for the website background and client background. Vote for blood money every 12 hours with a chance to win Ags/D-claws, climbing to the top of the toplists is very important in order to gain more players! The updates were implemented by MGT Madness, Jonny, Optimum, Jason, & Owain.
  22. Road to all pets

    Goodluck faam!
  23. Road to all pets

    Good luck!
  24. Road to all pets

    damn son you alrdy got quite a lot
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