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  2. Team tournaments

    Support, a clan cup of the month would also maybe up the chances of teams competing and taking the #1 clan spot on the server.
  3. PvP Task Revamp / PK-PvP Store

    Support, If you would like to keep the rarity of the rare PvP armours tho. Maybe it's a suggestion to add in corrupt PvP armours which will require a certain defence level to wear and will crumble to dust after a certain ammount (maybe after 30/45 minutes). The corrupt armours would turn into: (Example: Vesta's longsword (degradebale)). Which isn't tradebale. So once it's worn and has been in combat for 1 second it should turn into (deg) and isn't tradebale. Just a quick suggestion so the rarity of PvP armours (undegradebale) will still have a rarity as it currently is.
  4. Buffel uber request.

    In game name: Buffel Screenshot proof of your Donator rank in-game: https://gyazo.com/fe63cab6d49a72bf8cd16525e545933c
  5. Yesterday
  6. Josven's Youtube Contest

    Love the input and work, looking forward to the contest!
  7. My Staff application

    why u hating u pussy ass kid
  8. Josven's Youtube Contest

    Awesome contest bro, goodluck to everyone!
  9. Team tournaments

    definitely support, seems like a lot of fun
  10. Team tournaments

  11. Josven's Youtube Contest

    very good idea, hope the best to all that enters!
  12. PvP Task Revamp / PK-PvP Store

    I 100% think would bring some new pkers
  13. PvP Task Revamp / PK-PvP Store

  14. PvP Task Revamp / PK-PvP Store

    I'll support this as well. While I don't pvp as much as I probably should at this point because I literally just sit around the whole time I'm online, I'm down for a revamp on the pvp tasks. I'm confident that would widen everyone's perspective on pvp play styles as well, and maybe give them an insight towards styles they wouldn't have considered pking with before. Good suggestion, Gram. You got my vote.
  15. Josven's Youtube Contest

    Love this idea! Very nice contest mate. Can't wait to see what more you got in store.
  16. Team tournaments

    definitely a good idea !!!! not seen this in any other servers I've played.
  17. Josven's Youtube Contest

    Sick idea mate! looking forward to it!
  18. Josven's Youtube Contest

    You're welcome for the thread, I myself won't participate since I'll be among those who review submissions but best of luck to those who enter.
  19. Josven's Youtube Contest

    Submitted videos must be between 3-5 minutes, extended videos are welcome. Submitted videos must have Dawntained's website in the video description as well as "Dawntained" and "YouTube Contest" in the video title. Contest ends on New Year's Eve, all videos must be submitted on this thread by then. Your submission must be TOXICITY FREE, any and all toxicity will result in disqualification. Videos must be Dawntained related, we will not be limiting the contents of the videos to pking and such. You're allowed to work with someone as a partner and enter as a duo, naturally that means incase of winning your prize will be split between both. Your videos will reviewed by myself, Josven and the Staff-Team based on entertainment, creativity and variety. First Place - - Second Place - - Third Place - - Josven will also host events on weekly basis (probably every saturday) for in game rewards. Ideas and suggestions are welcome. I myself (Shirou) am not involved in the Prize Pool, I will however be involved as one of the reviewers and as the creator of this thread.
  20. Recruitment for swarm

    sorry to all but this cc has officially merged with final ownage
  21. Team tournaments

    good idea! support
  22. Team tournaments

    Instead of doing the individual solo tournaments all the time, add a team tournament weekly at a specific time to gain peoples interest. As the solo ones are so repetitive. the teams can randomly be picked through your coding database, or of course through people creating there own teams and entering into the tournament before it takes place for example 30mintues. If this was successful it could be made into a weekly competition to where teams consistently stick together and a leaderboard is made and calculated through the month. the prizes could be blood money or 07 gold. With the prize being 07 gold it will attract players from other servers and from popular singles and multi teams from 07.
  23. My Staff application

    Toxic player, never deserves a rank.
  24. Josven Rank Request

  25. PvP Task Revamp / PK-PvP Store

    Support this 100%. Personally, I love Dawntained, but in terms of it's economic state it's dominated by Gamblers/Stakers and High-Riskers or people who mass donate. You won't come across a Player with an above average bank that doesn't do either of those, because money-making is atrocious on here. Simply because PvM rewards are utter trash, why PvM hours on end when you can make more in 1-3 hours farming pures as a Donator? PvP tasks, while I love the concept of it.. it is as you said nowhere near rewarding enough. Conclusion, I feel as though a re-work for both would be nice, introduce Raids I and II items through other means. Surely this'll have some hate from the ultra-rich who invested in PvP Armour, but let's be honest it's dead content.. it's PvP armour but nobody uses it that way due to value. I hardly ever care for Suggestion Threads but this one intrigued me, I want to see Players become wealthy without being required to do any of the above methods. Sincerely, Shirou.
  26. Josven Rank Request

    In game name: Josven Screenshot proof of your Donator rank in-game: https://gyazo.com/65e973e27cc475efb3915b17f119ac0d
  27. Last week
  28. Legendary Rank (Question)

    you find all info here: https://www.dawntained.com/store/ you receive legendary rank when you have spent 3000 tokens in the donor shop at ::donate or at the donor guy at ::shops
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