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  1. Yesterday
  2. just seen this game on my desktop and didnt realise it was actually becoming extinct, i did leave when playerbase became about 100-200, when max i seen was like 700 odd people online was mental. i donated over 7k donor tokens spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars of money because i loved the game and being greedy for wanting more items. end up giving it all away while ago started playing back in 2017 was best pk server ever was fun untill went downhill i think was mainly to do with random bans on people and staff not listening to the players so really i blame staff for player loss especially lack of content and updates although understood took ages for an update to be made. sad see server go. thankyou mgt madness and gl to future my friend.
  3. Make Dawntained great again!

    Elite-Pk is working already a year on this source, its way diffrent, he is a friend of me its a way diffrent experience, thanks to mgt madness / a mage
  4. add pk setup#4449 in discord he is already working a year on this source

  5. Who has source\server?

    I've heard and seen Elite-Pk has this source, and they working already a year on this one to make it way diffrent, its coming in march will def check it out
  6. Who has source\server?

    you started you fucking faggot, kys in front of your delusional dad
  7. Who has source\server?

    can get u a leaked source of dawntained. not the same, but when u look at it u can see its a dawntained source.
  8. Last week
  9. Who has source\server?

    you're clearly one of those white boy hicks who throws the n word around thinking your cool, but you're nothing but a keyboard warrior with a mother of a whore, and a sister following right in her footsteps u pussy ass kid
  10. Who has source\server?

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  11. Who has source\server?

    I have private messaged Mtg Madness at well with no response, I do not expect him to let me have it. I was hoping he handed it to someone that would like to create something great again, still waiting for answers.... Someone help please!
  12. Who has source\server?

    I'm proficient in Java coding, let me know
  13. Who has source\server?

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  14. Who has source\server?

    oh yeee, make me admin
  15. lmfao nice subarshii scammed me for 51 m

    we're allowed to flame now don't wow me
  16. Who has source\server?

    @MGT Madness 🤷🏾‍♂️
  17. Make Dawntained great again!

    the best server i've just played its : Runewild you can play it from today!
  18. Who has source\server?

    Honestly, I really don't play this server that often, used to play it a lot more and i loved it. It is really a shame to see a great server with so much potential to easily shoot back up to the top of the ranks, just die out so easy. I'm sure the owner has what ever issues he has with the server, and i understand, but I would love to be able to keep the server going. If anyone has any friendship with him, and is able to grab source\server info/files, I would love to keep it running. I would be more than happy to put in the time, effort, money for the continuation of Dawntained. Keeping in mind, quite honestly, I am a shitty coder when it comes down to it, i know basic stuff, but can't get in dept. The server itself is already pretty much coded, few touches up here and there, but it's possible. But if this does happen to work, I'd love if someone that did know how to code better would join me. EDIT: This probably could have been worded better, was just really high. My apologizes.
  19. lmfao nice subarshii scammed me for 51 m

    didn't ask you fucking nigger
  20. lmfao nice subarshii scammed me for 51 m

  21. lmfao nice subarshii scammed me for 51 m

    You seem upset still to make a post over it.
  22. i made 1b just now from that 51m i had left so suck my dick you fucking faggot
  23. Make Dawntained great again!

  24. Clan rivalries move things around. Fighting worthy opponents is why i played this so much.
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