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  • Posts

    • Hello Tfz nice to see you back at it again a good way to start off is ::vote for sure =p take it easy my man!
    • Hello all, I used to play rsps a few years ago, and I want to get back into the pking aspect of runescape so I came here. Please feel free to leave suggestions for new players. Nice meeting you all.  
    • Totally agree, good luck mate if my support counted you'd have 110% of it.
    • Desired Staff Position: Helper/Support Your Name: Dylan (IGN - Throne) Age: I'm 21 Your Location: United States (North Dakota) - Because of military =p Average Amount Of Gameplay: Weekdays 4-6 and Weekends 4-12 hours     Why Should I Receive This Position: I have experience in these positions and i'm definitely a leader. I've been pretty much anything you can think of when it comes to rsps ranks. I'm slow to anger and quick to resolutions. I have held the position of co-owner on a server with 30+player base. I also have 13 years experience in the Runescape playing field :P. I have also really gotten to know/help the community through my streams I do daily! within the past week I have spoken on a personal level with atleast 30 players really getting to know them/helping them with questions just because of my streams I also remain active on the forums as much as I possibly can trying to make suggestions and thinking of any ideas that would most likely benefit the server       Staff Experience: Co - Owner - Zenia RSPS Mod - Roat Pkz Helper - Colas world      Rs/Rsps Experience:  I've played Runescape since i was in elementary school. I'm confident in my knowledge of the game and would love to share it all. I have put soo much time into Runescape/RSPS I am more than excited to help in any way that I can       Goals: My goals are simple. I want to help. There is something about helping people that gives me a sense of satisfaction. Its the same feeling when you get that pet cerb drop. It feels great. I also have noticed that when i was a regular player i wasn't asked for help as often. I started streaming and next thing i know my pms blow up and i get asked for help all the time. That's why i'm applying for staff. I help when i can and do everything i can. Even going out of my way to show people stuff. The only thing is with rank comes acknowledgment. A crown next to my name or an "I" will give me much more opportunity to help people. That being said a crown wont make a difference to me. I'll help regardless because that's who i am (a crown or "I"would just help).   Weaknesses: My biggest weakness is being married because sometimes things pop up. But I always make it work one way or another that and being in the military     Play Times: I usually am on in the afternoon during 1-10 (CST) - As my time might not meet exact standards I am very knowledgeable.         If you have any questions feel free to message me in game or on forums.          
    • The newest developer. He's completely backround, no accounts or anything.
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